Get high-converting copy.
Without guessing.

Get high-converting copy. Without guessing.

I’m a conversion copywriter that help B2B companies uncover messages that will move their audience to say “YES”

"Josh is an incredible copywriter! He researches thoroughly prior to writing and is able to weave facts in with copy that converts."
Karl Rader
CEO, MarketYou

Need Web Copy? Great. First, Ask Yourself These Questions.

Stop the guessing. I’ll help you write copy that actually converts.

Get optimized copy that
actually converts

I’ll take your copy from “I think that sounds nice…” to “Yup, this will sell.”

Conversion Copywriting

More Than Just a ‘Wordsmith’

If you’ve worked with copywriters before, you’ve likely seen varied results. Most on Upwork, Fiverr, or other freelance boards claim to be ‘wordsmiths.’ They may be creative. They may be clever and witty. 

But, they don’t understand customer behavior. They don’t understand marketing psychology. And ultimately they don’t know how to help you convert. 

As a conversion copywriter, here’s where I can help you.

You see, I don’t just guess when it comes to your copy. I don’t write words because they sound nice. Heck, I don’t write for the sake of ‘creativity.’ I write to convert.

What it Takes

The Secret Sauce for Writing Copy that Converts

So, what does it take to get your copy converting? It’s simple. You enter into your customers’ minds to understand how they’re really feeling.

Most copywriters will find a bunch of generic listicles on Google for their research. Maybe they’ll do some competitor research (if you’re lucky). Then they’ll cobble up some copy in hopes you’re satisfied.

Online research is important, sure. But, there’s so much more.

Through a series of interviews, surveys, and online research, I dig deep into the psychic of your customers. My extensive research will reveal your customers’ deepest desires, pain points, and obstacles to getting them to say “YES” to your offer.

The copy you get is all based on customer data. After I’m done with your copy, what you’ll find is messaging that speaks directly to your customers – resulting in higher conversions and more sales.

I was immediately impressed by Josh’s ability to quickly learn and write copy to fit a niche subject... Copy has been consistently well researched, well written, and delivered on-time. Clients have been impressed with his work and specifically request to have Josh write copy when possible.
Kenny S.
SEO Analyst

Conversion Copywriting Services for Your Business


Get a conversion-optimized website for your business based on Voice of Customer research.

Landing Pages

Move your customers to action through a carefully-crafted landing page designed for your brand.

Web Content

Drive traffic and build your authority through professionally written Case Studies, White Papers, and Blog Posts.

The secret to your success is in the process.

Our 5-phased approach to getting your audience to say YES!

Phase 1:
Meet n’ Greet

First-thing’s-first. After you fill out the initial questionnaire we’ll kick it off with a quick 20 minute Zoom call. I’ll find out about your project needs. I’ll explain a bit about my process and answer any initial questions you might have.

From there, I’ll send out a proposal for your review. If it looks good to you, I’ll send a contract for both of us to sign. A 50% upfront payment is required on all projects. The remaining 50% will be paid out upon completion of the project.

What you’ll get after Phase 1 

  • An understanding of the entire process
  • An understanding of whether we are a good fit for each other
  • A defined scope of work and pricing

Phase 2:

Once the contract is signed and payment received, we’ll schedule a discovery call. This is where I ask you more detailed questions about your company, your unique selling proposition, products, and more.

Additionally, I’ll conduct customer interviews, online message mining, and provide you with survey questions to collect Voice of Customer data. By going through this intensive research process, you can be certain the messaging will resonate with your customers.

What you’ll get after Phase 2 

  • A Research Brand Guide document summarizing all of my research
  • Fresh insights on what your customers feel and think about your company

Phase 3:

Based on the research, I’ll start crafting your conversion-optimized website. I’ll come up with the first draft in Google Docs. I’ll also provide you with a wireframe so you can see exactly how your copy would look like if it was on a screen.

What you’ll get after Phase 3

  • A completed draft in Google Docs
  • A wireframe so you can visualize the copy 

Phase 4:

You’ll review the submission and we’ll work together to fine-tune the copy. For the most part, the clients I work with typically only require one round of revisions. Whether it’s 1, 3, or 5 rounds, we’ll work together until you get something you’re completely happy with.

What you’ll get after Phase 4

  • Finalized copy in Google Docs that you’re 100% happy with
  • A finalized wireframe 

Phase 5:

How do you know the copy I produce for you will convert? The answer is: you test. For split testing web copy or landing pages, I can provide variations of copy that will further optimize your site for conversions.

What you’ll get after Phase 5

  • Copy variations (i.e. hero section headlines, subheads, etc.) for testing

Get started on your website project!

PS: I price all projects individually, with my minimum engagement rate for website copy at $2,500 USD. 

Josh’s writing, and overall quality has been unparalleled. Most non-lawyers are unable to research and grasp legal topics, let alone write effectively on them—not Josh. Josh can clearly take on any topic in any field and produce high quality, effective content. 2 Thumbs Up, 5 Stars, or whatever other metric you want, Josh deserves the highest rating! I highly recommend Josh!
Timothy Mott, Esq.
Valiente Mott
We loved Josh’s copy. I definitely couldn't have written it myself. Josh definitely met our expectations and clearly did research along with our interview. Josh wrote simple to understand copy and helped us articulate exactly what we needed. I will definitely be telling other people about Josh’s services.
Alicia Saba
HD Realty

Have Confidence in
Your Copy

Guessing on your webpage copy can be costly. Poor copy can result in less clicks, less sign ups, and less leads. Add in further rework to fix your copy, you’ll see how much $$ is going down the drain.

Unfortunately, that’s what you get with most copywriters.

Don’t gamble with your copy. With my proven process, you can be confident your site will convert.

A conversion optimized website that does the selling for you

From start to finish, I’ll work collaboratively with your team to ensure your website copy is optimized for conversions. You’ll have a website that is backed by solid research and data – no guesswork here.

Ready to see increased conversions?

I’d love to have a quick 20 min chat with you. Just grab a coffee and we’ll discuss your project needs!

PS: I typically require at least one month of booking ahead of time. This is to ensure both you and my existing clients receive the highest quality service from me at any given time.

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